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For customers


Our service is FREE of charge and there is NO OBLIGATION. You can fast post your job, receive up to 5 quotes, choose the best-one, and after the job is done, to leave feedback.

One more time in detail:

1.  POST YOUR JOB by choosing job category or subcategory on the home page, then fill in a form, describe in details job you want done. The Better Job Description, the Better Quotation you will receive. Fill in your contact details – address, e-mail (essential) and phone number (optional).

2.  We will consider your job and will send request to suitable contractors in your area. If there is anything unclear in your posting, we will contact you for more details.

3. Once a contractor register interest of  your job, you will receive e-mail from us with link to the contractor’s details. You can check his/their profile, jobs done so far and his/their rating. Then you’ll receive quote from him/them. You will receive up to 5 free quotes.

4.  You can choose the best-one, regarding his rating and quote. After the job is done, you will receive e-mail from us with link to leave feedback.






    For contractors


1.      Registration

 Registration is FREE. You should enter your name/ company name, contact details and location. Then you should choose Trade Name and password for log in. This trade name will appear on contractors’ list in Directory. Next you should choose your accepted jobs and accepted locations. My advice is to accept jobs, you have proved qualifications for. Next step is to enter your Qualifications and References. The whole process is aiming to pursue the customer, that you are the right man for the job. Companies can impress customers with portfolio what they’ve done so far.

2.      Membership

After registration you are already Regular Member.

  •  As a Regular Member you will receive everyday newsletters via e-mail with new jobs, according your accepted jobs and locations. You can buy leads directly from these newsletters, or you can freely browse Job’s Directory and buy leads from there. The price of leads is according of volume and specific of the job and start as low as £5. However, sometimes there are FREE leads available. Despite these leads are free, you should symbolically “Buy” them, to register your interest.  Each lead can be bought from no more then 5 contractors. After we are closing that job for quotation.
  • Premium Member is subscription service, where contractors pay in advance subscription fee quarterly by direct debit. The fee is £40/qyuarter. The benefits for Premium Members are:
    They can quote any job they like for FREE, according their trade and location; they should symbolically “Buy” them, to register their interest.The only restriction is - They can get for FREE only one lead per day.
    They will appear in Contractors Directory with their contact details and they can be hired directly from customer.

3.      Quotation

After you register your interest to particular job, the customer will receive automatically e-mail with link to your profile. He/she can see your personal details, qualifications and references. Then choose the Best Quotation. The chosen contractor then has to complete the job accordingly to Customer’s Specification and quoted price. After job completion, winning contractor report Job Done on Job page with result increasing with one his job’s counter and sending e-mail to customer to leave feedback.

4.      Feedback

The website‘s contractor Rating System relies heavily on the feedback of the contractors’ customers. This feedback builds up the image of the contractor and so highly rated contractors are highly desirable and more likely to be hired as they offer more value for money. 

The customer can leave feedback according to their Impressions and leave optional comment giving explanation for their choice. Feedback rating system helps customers to make a right choice. In our site we are using star rating system. When the job is done, the Customer will receive e-mail from us with link to leave feedback. Hi/she  can choose from 1 to 5 stars rating and to leave text. So formed feedback is exposed in the profile of each contractor.