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At OK BUILDERS ONLINE  we recognise and respect the importance of protecting our customers’ private information. We only use the information you supply in ways that we have informed you about. This document explains which information is stored and how it is used. In addition you should remember to read our Terms and Conditions.

1. Information,  we gather and use


    We need to collect certain personal details when you register or post a job with us, in order to facilitate the services available through our website. These may include your name, address, telephone number, email address and other basic information, and in the case of trade registrations, we will also collect relevant business details, as well as references names and contact phone numbers.

        Busyness information - If you are a Contractor and wish to quote any jobs featured on our website, you must register and provide us certain details. We collect and store all the information you provide to us when you register.

       Personal information – if you are a Customer and wish to post a job at our site, we collect and store the information – Job description, county, city, postcode, email address, name, phone number, etc. -  you provide us about your job. We collect and store the feedbacks you place on our Contractors.

2. Use of your business and personal data


    We check the correctness of the business information that you provide on registration. We may use the contact information you provided to contact you concerning your registration, or any other matter that we consider relevant to your use of our site. We may contact the references that you provide during registration, to guarantee your reputation. In the event that you place a job advert online, we display the information you have given to us about your job to users who browse the jobs on our website. And Contractors that have registered will be able to tender for the work by sending you an email. Contact details are exchanged only if both parties want them to be. We do not publicly display any contact details or other sensitive information on our site, without your permit.

     All this information will be held by using the suitable safeguards to ensure the highest possible levels of safety, honesty and privacy. As a matter of policy, we do not share, sell, trade or give away your personal information other than is described in this privacy policy.

3. Change of your information

    You can edit or delete your information at any time. As a Customer, you can edit your Job posting and you have right to cancel it at any time. As a Contractor you can change accepted jobs, entering your profile, you can change your contact details or delete your whole profile. We will hold your personal information only as long as is necessary for the purposes to which you consent under this Privacy Policy, after which we will delete it from our systems.

4. Contact us

    If you have any concerns about safety issues of your information don’t hesitate to contact us via internet to